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Other models

Tablet grinder YM-200

Holding and grinding tablets surely with hook shaped blades.

Tablet grinder YM-200
Speed 16320rpm
Rated time Continuous available time is 1min (MAX)
Power consumption 300w
Power source AC100V±10V 50/60Hz
Size W128xD171xH240
Weight 3.5kg

*Continuous use would cause heating of device, so please let it have 5min interval before next operation.

Automatic Ointment Mixing Machine HITOHINERI

Automatic Ointment Mixing Machine HITOHINERI
Model YS-MXO-240
Method Rotation & Revolution type
Revolution Speed 1800, 2000, 2200rpm (Selectable)
Rotation Speed Following at 40% of revolution speed
Mixing Capacity 250ml
Mixing Weight 240g
Transmission Gear drive type
Compatible Container 10ml, 11ml, 12ml, 13ml, 20ml, 22ml, 24ml, 26ml, 30ml, 35ml, 36ml, 39ml, 50ml, 58ml, 60ml, 65ml, 100ml, 110ml, 120ml, 125ml, 130ml, 250ml, 310ml, 320ml
Memory Maximum number of contents : 9
Timer 0 - 30min
Safety Mechanism Stop driving when detecting revolution error, vibration error, Door lock error
Operating Environment 5-35℃, 35-85RH (No condensation)
Power Source AC100V±10% 50/60Hz
Power Consumption Standby : approx 20VA, Normal : 1000VA or less
Max : 1300VA or less
Size W300xD360xH380
Weight approx 22kg

For example

For Sterilizing Zinc oxide + Acrinol

Put Zinc oxide & Acrinol in the machine and rotate it at 2000rpm for 30sec.

For example

For bedsore Purified sucrose + Povidone iodine + Glycerin

Put Purified sucrose, Povidone iodine and Glycerin in the machine and rotate it at 2000rpm for 50sec.

For example