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Full Automatic Blister Sheet Dispensing System

Robo-Pick Ⅱ

Robo-pick Ⅱ

Robo-pick II is a dispensing system for blister packed drugs. Since it is also able to cut fractional qty, meaning that it can dispense exact quantity in accordance with prescription. The machine can store up to 210 types of medicines in a unit and is able to extend up to 10 units.

Robo-pick II

Product Name Full Automatic Blister Pack Sheet Dispenser
Model Main Unit:YS-PTP-Ⅱ130
Tray Feeder & Lifter UT YS-PTP-SOPⅡ
Dimensions Main Unit: Width1145×Depth630×Height1980(mm)
Tray Feeder & Lifter UT: Width450×Depth630×Height1980(mm)
WeightMain Unit: 450Kg(Excl. Cassettes)
Tray Feeder & Lifter UT: 130kg
Power RequirementAC100V±10V 50/60Hz
Power ConsumptionTotal (Standard Configuration): 1450VA(Max.)
Main Unit: 700VA(Max.)
Tray Feeder & Lifter UT: 750VA (Max)
Speed4 kinds of drugs (4sheet +2tablets each) =79sec
Cassette Type9Types (S1, S2, S3, M1, M2, M3, L1, L2, L3)
Cassette capacity130 cassettes
Cassette HousingsMax. 210/Unit Expandable up-to 10 Units
Cassette Capacity60Sheet/cassette (4.5mm thickness sheet)
Acceptable sheet sizeWidth79~120×Length29~58 (mm)
4cells Tray DimensionsWidth338.5×Depth280×Height80 (mm)
Tray FeederMax. 6 Trays
Tray LifterMax. 4 Trays
Standard EquipmentJournal Printer, Barcode Reader

Please note that specifications and design may be changed without prior notice for product improvement.