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Box Package Dispense Robot System

EV54, EV-108, EV-180


This product is dispenser for full package medicine box. Our box dispensing machine adopt channel function and it produce quite high efficiency and accuracy.
This machine could dispense quite big numbers of boxes as suit to hospital, popular pharmacy that treat 1000~3000 prescription per day.



(1) High Speed (Dispensing & Loading)

(2) Accurate Dispensing ! (No cross-RX contamination)

(3) Easy to check prescription !

Accurate Medication Details Printing per every prescription.


Product code YS-CS-HD4D
Dimension Width3,220 ×Depth2,150×Height2,490(mm)
Acceptable drug size Length70~180×Width 45~120×Depth11~54 (mm)
Number of payload 396~1008 kind drugs.
Maximum dispensing speed 400 tray (5 box each)/ hour
Loading speed Approx. 2500 box/ hour
Accuracy Barcode reader, RFID,
Safety Barcode scan, Remaining drug counter,
Option Extra loading unit, extend transport route

Please note that specifications and design may be changed without prior notice for product improvement.