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Message from President (YUYAMA CO., LTD.)

Mr. Fumiaki Hayakawa

Mr. Koichi Kitamura

Our vision is to become a reliable partner to all health care professionals who use medical supplies.

 Since our founding, we have operated our business based on the management philosophy of “contributing to society through medical care”.
Taking advantage of the characteristics of our integrated production and sales system, we have been transforming our clients’ opinions and needs into products and functions. We provide consistent services from product development to after-sales support.

 In the rapidly changing medical environment, we will continue to provide solutions with the latest technology and functions for the accompanying changes in business operations.
In particular, we will keep our efforts to ensure that the supply of products and after-sales service does not interfere with the client’s business operations.

 In addition to our business, we will actively address the SDGs, ensure compliance, create a comfortable work environment for our employees, and fulfill our social responsibility as a company.

 Every one of our employees is committed to interacting with clients in a rewarding and confident manner, building strong relationships of trust, and becoming a reliable partner.



 Since our conception , we have been working closely with the medical community.
Starting with dispensing machines, we have continued our efforts to respond to various changes in the dispensing scene and contribute to its development.

 As the environment surrounding healthcare continues to change, we would like to work together to address issues and problems so that we can be the chosen healthcare partner.

 To this end, we value the opinions of our clients and strive to develop products that incorporate the latest technologies and improve quality and service. In particular, we will strengthen our maintenance department so that our customers can use our products with peace of mind even after the introduction, and we will continue to make proposals to maximize the use of our products, aiming to be a reliable partner for our customers.

We will continue to strive to live up to our corporate philosophy of “contributing to society through medical care” that we have held since our conception.

President, YUYAMA CO., LTD.