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Message from the President (YUYAMA CO., LTD.)

Mr. Hiroyuki Yuyama

Mr. Fumiaki Hayakawa

Our vision is to become a reliable partner to all health care professionals who use medical supplies.

Since our inception, we have been operating with the management philosophy of “contributing to society through medicine.”
By taking advantage of our integrated manufacturing/sales system, we have been reflecting the feedback and needs of clients onto our products and functionalities.We also provide a comprehensive service from in-house development to follow-up services.

Under the rapidly changing medical environment, we propose new technologies and functions in response to the changing business requirements, and solve problems and challenges with our clients.
We also aim to propose ways for clients to maximize the functions of the equipment and systems they already own to perform at or above 100%.

We strengthen our organizational strength to provide support (particularly maintenance service) to prevent any interferences with the businesses of our clients.We constantly strive to make sure that our clients are satisfied to have consulted YUYAMA.

To provide a satisfying service to our clients, we also continuously strengthen our human resources.Our goal is to become a reliable partner to our clients by having each member associate with clients through passion and self-confidence to build a strong relationship of trust between one another.

President, YUYAMA CO., LTD.