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  • Types of Dispensing Robots

    Types of Dispensing Robots

    These are the latest dispensing robots that serve the medical field.We’ve been recommending pharmacists to automate work via robotization to effectively utilize their limited time, especially since the required standard is rising daily.

  • Fully-Automatic Tablet
    Packaging Machine

    Fully-Automatic Tablet Packaging Machine

    Tablet packaging machines have been evolving to better cater to patients, and promote the feeling of “safety” and “trust” in patients, as not only labor-saving but also safety are being prioritized in recent years.

  • Fully-Automatic (Tablet) Drug Powder Packaging Machine

    Fully-Automatic (Tablet) Drug Powder Packaging Machine

    It provides a multilateral support for strong sealing accuracy via a heater roller method, Yuyama’s proprietary open maintenance design and drug compliance.
    It is equipped with other unrivaled functions such as a standard printing function.This function expands even further with a tablet cassette unit.

  • Automatic Dividing
    Packaging Machine

    Automatic Dividing Packaging Machine

    Reno-s is a Charty-III ultra-compact dividing packaging machine with only 56 cm in total width that makes any layout possible, and satisfies any dispensing needs in the era of separation of medical and dispensary practice.

  • Dispensing Inspection System

    Dispensing Inspection System

    It automatically checks the correct drug mixture and regular dose, and manages drug history to prevent dispensing errors and optimize the process.

  • Automatic Injection Drug Dispensing System

    Automatic Injection Drug Dispensing System

    It flexibly supports various injection drug dispensing needs and layout requirements. Its various unit configurations provide plenty of variations.

  • YUYAMA Residential Series

    YUYAMA Residential Series

    An ally to trusted pharmacies in the era of integrated community care system!!

  • Other Products

    Other Products

    From electronic balances to mixers. Each equipment is carefully designed to fully serve the user.