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Message from President (YUYAMA MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.)

From Japan to the world.And from the world to Japan. Our mission is to contribute to medicine by developing innovative devices and systems primarily for dispensing drugs.

Thank you very much for visiting our website.
Since our inception in 1964, we’ve been providing medical establishments with products that are designed for clinics, such as systems, equipment, electronic medical record devices, sterilizers, etc. (primarily prescription devices such as powder medicine dispensation devices) to support various pharmaceutical processes.

Our legacy can be said to have resulted from continuously valuing client feedback, brainstorming products that medical providers need, and making never-ending improvements.During that time, we have been focusing on in-house developments and craftsmanship to consistently respond to client feedback, and have built an integrated production system that spans from development all the way to production.

On the other hand, our society as a whole is aging and birthrate is declining at a speed that’s unmatched globally.We must therefore determine what pharmacies and medical providers truly need in a time like this.We reflect on this question every day, and are brainstorming the next-generation products based on client feedback and the latest technology seeds.

These products will surely benefit pharmacies and medical providers around the world. We also plan on utilizing our overseas network to import rationalization know-hows that are foreign to the Japanese medical scene.

The present time seems to be requiring the pharmacists to further adopt an interpersonal pharmaceutical management system.We therefore plan on promoting our R&D to accurately support such endeavors while adapting to this new era.


           Mr. Hiroyuki Yuyama