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YUYAMA’s History

1964 November Established YUYAMA MANUFACTURING CO., LTD in Honan-cho, Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture
1966 Released “TYPE5 (automatic dividing packaging machine),” the industry’s first sliding packaging machine
1967 November Established YUYAMA MANUFACTURING CO., LTD.
1971 February Opened the Sapporo Sales Office
April Opened the Fukuoka Sales Office
1972 February Opened the Tokyo Sales Office
DecemberMoved head office to Meishinguchi, Toyonaka City, Osaka Prefecture
1973JulyOpened the Matsuyama Sales Office
JulyReleased “YS-42,” the industry's first R-disk packaging machine
1974AprilOpened the Nagoya Sales Office
JulyOpened the Sendai Sales Office
1979NovemberEstablished YUYAMA CO., LTD., a sales company
1980FebruaryReleased “Mini R-23”
MarchReleased “YS-42A,” a pioneer of the R-disc Fully-Automatic model
AprilOpened the Hiroshima Sales Office
AprilEstablished the Hospital Facility Department, and constructed an operation room
AugustOpened the Kanazawa Sales Office
1981AprilOpened the Oita Sales Office
1983MarchReleased “Clean Bench”
AprilOpened the Omiya (now Saitama) Sales Office & Niigata Sales Office
1984MarchOpened sales offices in Yokohama, Asahikawa & Matsumoto
1985AugustOpened the Kagoshima Sales Office
AugustReleased “Schaukasten”
AugustReleased “Yuyama Clave Series”
DecemberEstablished Factory #2
1988AprilOpened the Shizuoka Sales Office
NovemberOpened the Kyoto Sales Office
1989FebruaryReleased “TR3000S” Tablet Machine
MarchReleased “YS93WR”, the original dual R-disc model
MarchReleased “MP-5RS” Medicine Bag Printer
1990JanuaryOpened the Okayama Sales Office
FebruaryOpened the Nagasaki Sales Office
MarchOpened the Chiba Sales Office
MarchReleased “TR3000D”, industry's first drum tablet machine
MarchSystematized pharmacies via optical fiber
1992AprilOpened sales offices in Tama and Kitakyushu設
AprilReleased “Ampoule Dispensing System” (Alignment model)
DecemberCompleted the expansion and refurbishment of head office and head office factory
1993AprilEstablished the Trade Department to handle increased exports
1994NovemberOpened the Morioka Sales Office
1995MarchReleased “Ampoule Dispensing System” (Randomized model)
AprilOpened the Kumamoto Sales Office
1996FebruaryOpened the Fukushima Sales Office
AprilReleased “CPX21/30 Compact Automatic Dividing Packaging Machine”
MayReleased “Yuyama Clave A-C105”
1997AprilReleased “Kusuribako (Drug information provision system)”
1998JanuaryReleased “Chozai Melphin (Insurance pharmacy system)”
MarchReleased “COMPACT45 Compact Automatic Dividing Packaging Machine”
MarchOpened the Okayama Factory
AprilReleased “MELS (In-clinic goods management system)”
1999SeptemberReleased “Y’s HOME” (Home-visit drug management guidance support system)
2000OctoberObtained ISO9001
2001MayEstablished YUYAMA.USA.INC
2002JuneOpened the Tsuchiura (now Tsukuba) Sales Office
2004AprilReleased “BrainBox (Electronic medical record system for bed-less clinics)”
SeptemberReorganized the Trade Department and established the International Department (to further expand business in the Chinese and European markets)
2005AprilReleased “onedy (Electronic Balance-Integrated Inspection System)”
JuneReleased “TWIN-R93-TC Fully-Automatic Tablet Powder Packaging Machine”
JulyCompleted the R&D Building
SeptemberOpened the Los Angeles Office of YUYAMA.USA.INC
2006FebruaryOpened the Tokyo Showroom
SeptemberObtained ISO13485
2007JulyOpened the Florida Office of YUYAMA.USA.INC
SeptemberOpened the Utsunomiya Sales Office
NovemberReleased “Reno! Ultra Compact Packaging Machine”
DecemberOpened the Texas Office of YUYAMA.USA.INC
2008MayReleased “Single-R93 Fully-Automatic Powder Packaging Machine”
JuneReleased “NEWPORIMS Picking Support System”
SeptemberReleased “PROUD Fully-Automatic Tablet Packaging Machine”
2009JanuaryReleased “Coinfusion Inspection System”
AprilOpened sales offices in Yamaguchi, Tokushima, Aomori, Okinawa, and branch office in Yonago
2010FebruaryReleased “AQUA-ROBO (Fully-Automatic Liquid Medicine Dispensing Machine)”
DecemberEstablished Yuyama Pharmaceutical Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
DecemberReleased “Robo-Pick (Fully-Automatic PTP Sheet Dispensing Device)”
2011AprilOpened the Kochi Sales Office
JulyReleased “Mini-R45 (Fully-Automatic Powder Packaging Machine)”
SeptemberReleased “EVINOTE (Medication Image Recording System)”
2012JanuaryReleased “Chemo Road (Anti-Cancer Drug Preparation Support System)”
JanuaryReleased “miniAQUA (Liquid Medicine Dispensing Machine)”
MayReleased “TabSight (Packed-Tablet Inspection Machine)”
2013SeptemberReleased “Yuyama Clave C501B”
2014AprilOpened the Shonan Sales Office
MayReleased “ONE-PACK All-In-One System (Supports dispensing rooms as small as 6.6 m2)”
MayOpened the Connecticut Office of YUYAMA.USA.INC
JuneOpened the Takamatsu Sales Office
SeptemberReleased “ChemoRo (Anti-Cancer Drug Mixture Preparation Robot)”
OctoberReleased “Barrera (Final Inspection Machine)”
2015AprilReleased “DimeRo (Powder Drug Dispensing Robot)”
AprilAwarded with Intellectual Property Achievement Award commended by the Director General of Patent Office
MayReleased “Automatic Four-Color Pen Liner” (Packaging Machine Accessory)
AugustReleased “Robo-Pick II (Fully-Automatic PTP Sheet Dispensing Device)”
NovemberReleased “SepaRo (Automatic Returned-Injection-Drug Sorting Machine)”
2016FebruaryReleased “ChemoROAD II (Anti-Cancer Drug Preparation Support System)” (Adopted the first-ever smart glass!)
JulyReleased “Charty-III Compact Packaging Machine (Universal Cassette)”
AugustReleased “PC-DXII P Smart Powder Drug Inspection System & PC-DXII W Smart Liquid Drug Inspection System”
NovemberReleased “C008 Automatic High-Pressure Steam Sterilizer”
2017JanuaryReleased “miniDimeRo Powder Drug Dispensing Robot” & “Single-R93z II (Universal Cassette) Fully-Automatic Powder Drug Packaging Machine”
FebruaryReleased “Litrea III Fully-Automatic Tablet Packaging Machine”
AprilReleased “PROUD Fully-Automatic Tablet Packaging Machine (Universal Cassette)”
JuneReleased “miniAQUA II (Liquid Medicine Dispensing Machine)”
JulyReleased “Tracing Report System”
JulyReleased “DOCOAS (Institutional Drug-Taking Support System)”
2018FebruaryReleased “GS1 Checker LIMITED (GS1 Collation System)”
AprilOpened the Miyazaki Branch Office
AprilReleased “Twin-R93Ⅴ Fully-Automatic Powder Drug Packaging Machine”
MayReleased “DimeRo II (Powder Drug Dispensing Robot)”
JulyEstablished YUYAMA TAIWAN INC.
AugustReleased “Single-R93III Fully-Automatic Powder Packaging Machine”
SeptemberReleased “TABSORT (Single-Packet Tablet Sorting Machine)”
OctoberReleased “Half-Tablet-Supporting Universal Cassette”
DecemberYUYAMA CO., LTD. was selected as a “Driving Company for Regional Future”
2019JanuaryReleased “Mini-R45 Fully-Automatic Powder Drug Packaging Machine (Universal Cassette)”
FebruaryReleased “Charty-III Compact Packaging Machine (Universal Cassette) (Ten Unit Model)”
May Released “PROUD Fully-Automatic Tablet Packaging Machine (Equipped with variable cassette)”
July Released “TabSight-S (Packed-Tablet Inspection Machine)”
September Released “Litrea Ⅳ Compact Fully-Automatic Tablet Packaging Machine (Equipped with variable cassette)”
September Released “Crimple (Drug Packaging Machine)”
October Released “Brainbox Cloud (Electronic Cloud Medical Record)”
October Awarded the Grand Prize in the "The Second-Best Companies to Work for that You Wish to Tell Students About” Contest (Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry Director Award)
November Relocated Head Office Factory & Osaka Head Office
2020 January Awarded the Grand Prize in 2019 Osaka Excellent Invention Award (Powder Drug Dispensing Robot)
January Released “Mini-R48 (Fully-Automatic Powder Packaging Machine)”