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Customer Service

Customer service is part of a product’s features.

Our mission is to ensure that
our products can be consistently
used stably.

We’re not a manufacturer that simply sells hardware and software.
Products implemented by our users will only produce true value if it consistently operates stably.
Therefore, the goal is not to sell products, but the real test happens “after the purchase.”
Our goal is for medical institutions, which support many patients,
to focus on providing medical care without having to worry about anything.
We also provide “reliability” through our stable products mainly via our customer service team.
This means not only providing support when incidents occur,
but also regularly observing the user environment and providing advice.
We hope that our users can continue to use the YUYAMA products under a favorable condition as long as possible.
Every day, our national service centers located all over the country provide support to each product operated by our users.

  • 1. Advisor of long-term use
  • 2. More than 100 customer service representatives from 50 national service centers
  • 3. Provision of detailed support is the Yuyama standard
  • 4. Upskilling via skill inheritance and

1. Advisor of long-term use

Yuyama’s customer service team is instructed not to simply suggest the customer to replace the product. Our highest priority is to thank the users for preciously using our products up until now, and support them in continuing to use it for a long time.The key is to figure out how the users can continue to use our products confidently.And present a realistic repair budget.Without doing the aforementioned, we never suggest replacing it with a new one.Of course, we honestly suggest a replacement if it’s the best option. But we have a customer-first mindset of recommending solutions to maximize usage of our products, which are the valuable assets of our customers.Please feel free to contact us anytime.

2. More than 100 customer service representatives
from 50 national service centers

It’s pointless to have a highly skilled, trained customer service team if we can’t quickly get to our users.We prevent any interruptions to the work of medical professionals who use our products.To prevent any interruptions to Yuyama’s products as our top priority, we have hundreds of staff members at our 50 national service centers.Our system ensures seamless operation as much as possible.

3. Provision of detailed support is
the Yuyama standard

Yuyama’s customer service doesn’t just end with repairing a product.We feel the need to continue reading the minds of our users, and becoming a manufacturer that provides a reliable customer service.
To that end, we observe the following repair procedures: use sheets to prevent soiling the floor; use our test packaging papers when handling packagers; conduct preventive measures and thoroughly clean the product after repair and inspection.
There’s an unlimited potential to the service that we can provide under various conditions.What makes our customers constantly happy?When we find new discoveries, we share it among our national service centers and continuously evolve to create a new standard.That is our intention and desire.

4. Upskilling via skill inheritance and
individual assessment

With a full host of product lineups, Yuyama must constantly share with each other information and skills related to new products and technologies.Moreover, through the leadership of our technical managers, we promote the developmental growth of our onsite customer service representatives through the technical training in each region.
We also individually score 100+ staff members using a skill evaluation table, and the head office analyzes this data categorized by criteria.
We not only offer training at the head office according to each proficiency level, but also use a TV conferencing system to effectively use the limited time we have so that those in remote locations can participate in real-time, online courses.
We have a system of upgrading the skills of our members, resolving any issues and improving sticking-points on the spot.

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