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YUYAMA Residential Series

Types of YUYAMA Residential Series

An ally to trusted pharmacies in the era of integrated community care system!!

YUYAMA Residential Series Lineup

  • Free yourself from the stress of “unwrapping”and sorting
    Single-Packet Tablet Sorting Machine TABSORT
    Single-Packet Tablet Sorting Machine

    Human errors such as sorting and rearranging errors exist in manually reusing and sorting packaged tablets. TABSORT solves these problems by determining tablet characteristics based on the shape, dimension, color and ID code, and automatically sorts* the tablets into those with the same characteristics.
    This packaging function allows you to store tablets without a cassette just as it is.(Packaging function is optional).
    *A pharmacist needs to compare them with candidate images.

    Model YS-TSR-01
    External Dimensions W 720mm × D 690 mm x H 1,700 mm
    Number of Divider Cups 40 pieces
    Number of Input Trays 1 piece (4 compartments)
    Input Trays
    823 cc *Total volume of 4 compartments
  • Medicine packages can be firmly affixed,
    yet cleanly peeled off!
    Crimple (Drug Packaging Machine)

    The upper and lower pressure rollers firmly and reliably bind multiple packages and products to be heated.
    Since it doesn’t use staplers or tapes, it can be safely used without the risk of accidental stapler ingestion, finger injuries and package ripping.

    Model YS-YT-C1
    External Dimensions Main Unit: width 182 x depth 230 x height 159mm
    Depth when packaging paper guide is 70 mm: 258 mm)
    Number of Crimpable Pieces 2-4 pieces
  • Long-term prescription packaged items are automatically rolled up.
    Automatic winding device
    Automatic winding device

    When a large amount of sachets are packed at one time at a pharmacy that supports home care, including facilities, the time and labor of manually packing the discharged sachets are not required. In case of regular prescription in hospital or long-term prescription for outpatients, a large amount of packaged items are discharged, and when the package inspection is performed at Tabsite S, the packaged items are prevented from being twisted and paper jam occurs. It is possible to suppress it.

    Model YS-TABR-01
    External Dimensions W 500mm × D 400mm × H 1,030mm
    Number of winding packages About 550 packets(1 dummy tablet, Medicine package width80mm)
    Available models Tablet Packaging Machine(PROUD/Litrea Series)/
    Packed-Tablet Inspection Machine(TabSight/TabSight-S)