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Dispensing Inspection System

Types of Dispensing Inspection System

It automatically checks the correct drug mixture and regular dose, and manages drug history to prevent dispensing errors and optimize the process.

Lineup of Dispensing Inspection System

  • Improve speed and stability
    Compatible with transparent chemicals
    and 1/4 tablet.
    (Packed-Tablet Inspection Machine) TabSight-S
    TabSight-S (Packed-Tablet Inspection Machine)

    Compared to previous models, we’ve upgraded its processing speed and made operation even stabler by revising the internal processes and mechanisms.
    It now supports 1/4 tablets of transparent drugs*1to reduce the workload of pharmacists.
    It also now supports remote control*2from a different room.
    *1: it cannot support certain types of transparent drugs.
    *2: optional

    Model YS-TPMS-01
    External Dimensions Main Unit: width 810 x depth 510 x height 515mm
    With dedicated stand installed: width 845 x depth 645 x height 1355 mm
    Inspection Speed High-Speed Mode: about 1.0 seconds*/package
    Semi-High-Speed/Standard Mode: about 1.2 seconds/package
    *Assuming 5 tablets (5 types) per package; clear photography mode is OFF; no re-inspections