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The future of dispensers always starts from here!

Osaka Head Office Showroom (Toyonaka City, Osaka) Tokyo Head Office Showroom (Kinshi-cho, Tokyo)

Osaka Head Office Showroom (Toyonaka City, Osaka) Launched New Showroom

YUYAMA is a leader of the dispensing market, and has always shaped the way for innovative dispensers.
We’ve renovated our showroom due to the relocation of the Osaka Head Office.
It features multiple exhibits of our products including the latest dispensers, dispensing systems, overseas products and electronic medical record system, where you can experience the operability and the mechanism of our products.
Our showrooms consist of a relaxing space of about 285 m2, which allows a visitor to observe the latest equipment and systems, as if you’re in your own private showroom.
Experience the solutions offered by YUYAMA under various situations.

  • 1. Hospital pharmaceutical department zone

    Ampoule Line, Yunicom-GX are currently actively running
    Experience the process of issuing a prescription to the final inspection

    1. Hospital pharmaceutical department zone
  • 2. Insurance pharmacy zone

    Recreated a dispensing room by placing a powder drug/tablet packager and an inspection machine
    Experience the process of issuing a prescription to packaging

    2. Insurance pharmacy zone
  • 3. Aseptic preparation room zone

    The anti-cancer drug preparation robot is also actively running!

    3. Aseptic preparation room zone
  • 4. Clinic zone

    Equipped with the most user-friendly electronic medical record system, powder drug packagers and sterilizers

    4. Clinic zone
  • 5. Overseas product zone

    Exhibit of world-class YUYAMA products

    5. Overseas product zone
  • 6. Y’s history corner

    Witness the classic packagers of the yesteryear

    6. Y’s history corner

It also features Y’s history corner that details how our packagers have produced numerous de facto standards, where you can witness the classic packagers of the yesteryear.

This is true back then, now and in the future.
Experience the offerings of the latest YUYAMA products that consistently shape the future of dispensers at our Osaka Head Office Showroom.

*When visiting the Osaka Head Office Showroom, please always inform our sales staff.(It make take a moment to adjust our schedule)

Tokyo Head Office Showroom (Kinshi-cho, Tokyo)

Tokyo Head Office is conveniently located near Kinshicho Station on the JR Sobu Line!About 8 minutes on foot from Kinshicho Station on the JR Sobu Line, which is a transportation hub for the Keiyo Line.Our Tokyo Head Office Showroom is conveniently located near public transportation.It is a large, permanent showroom that customers in various parts of eastern Japan, especially in the Kanto area, can visit.The Tokyo Head Office Showroom consists of five zones.

  • 1. Dispensing robot zone

    Showcases powder drug dispensing robot and anti-cancer drug preparation robot

    1. Dispensing robot zone
  • 2. Hospital preparation zone

    Injection drug dispensing machine (including the returned-drug dispensing unit)

    2. Hospital preparation zone
  • 3. Packaging machine zone

    Showcases the latest machines that have created the history of packagers

    3. Packaging machine zone
  • 4. Reception-surrounding zone

    Also provides contents that upgrade the medical literacy of patients

    4. Reception-surrounding zone
  • 5. Relaxing zone

    Perfect for taking a break from your tour.You can also have a meeting here

    5. Relaxing zone

The showroom provides a great lineup of our products to medical professionals.If you would like to visit, please contact our sales staff as soon as possible.