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We propose ways of effectively utilizing dispensers.

  • Why not revise the drugs that are being used in your tablet packagers, fully-automatic PTP sheet dispensers and
    powder drug dispensing robots to

    increase your coverage and completion rates?

  • By adding the Universal Cassette (UC)

    your powder drug packager can turn into
    a multi-functional device.

  • Why not implement a dispensing robot
    to strengthen your ward productivity

    and turn your pharmaceutical department
    into a
    profit center?

Device functions include the ability to calculate the chemical dosage

We also offer dispensing robots and tablet packaging simulation.

  • By analyzing your data via our proprietary program, we can calculate the improvement in the device utilization rate, coverage rate, automation rate, process duration, cost-effectiveness, etc.

    Calculate your ROI

    Calculate your full-automation rate

    Calculation requires data from YUNiCOM, electronic medical prescription calculation or NSIPS®*.
    *NSIPS® is a collaborative system between computer systems proposed by the Japan Pharmaceutical Association for pharmacies.(Trademark Registration #5214610)

We consistently provide optimal solutions to our clients from their perspective.

Examples of Problems & Solutions


With the introduction of UC (Universal Cassette), manual operation became virtually non-existent

The Problem
Many tablets needed to be packaged together. Every week, our clients had to manually package tablets for 20 patients, which took about half a day.They planned on using a powder drug packager and installing a tablet cassette mechanism, but there were 100 types of tablets to package, and those that can’t be handled by the packager had to be manually processed by a pharmacist.
  • Proposal

    • The Universal Cassette (UC) can package various drugs from a single cassette, which solves the problem of manual handling.

  • Client Feedback

    • Manual handling became virtually non-existent.
      The benefits of UC (Universal Cassette) are the “eradication of errors” and “safety.”It has a wonderful mechanism that prevents error regardless of who uses the device because the UC cannot be ejected without using a barcode.


By implementing DimeRo Powder Drug Dispensing Robot, our three pharmacists now perform at a level of 3.5 pharmacists!!

The Problem
On average, our clients had to fulfill 150 to 160 prescriptions a day.Forty percent of the prescriptions were for powder drugs, which took a lot of time to dispense, and they only
had limited number of pharmacists.
  • Proposal

    • This is a photo of DimeRo II.

    • To eliminate the “time it takes to dispense powder drugs,”
      we proposed DimeRo Powder Drug Dispensing Robot* that

      automates powder drug dispensation.

      *We currently offer DimeRo II Powder Drug Dispensing Robot (a successor model).

  • Client Feedback

    • DimeRo has shortened the patient wait time.The average time it takes from receiving the prescription to fulfillment is about 5 minutes. In the past, we had to dispense the drug and inspect it, but by using a robot to automate the dispensation, our pharmacists only have to inspect them.
      Although DimeRo can’t fully replace a single pharmacist, it has boosted the performance of our three pharmacists to that of 3.5 pharmacists.


Implementing Robo-Pick II Fully-Automatic PTP Sheet Dispensing Device has allowed us to successfully shift our focus on running our ward, and has shortened the patient wait time

The Problem
Our clients wished to reduce the number of dispensing pharmacists and allocate them to the ward.
Clients also wished to reduce the patient wait time.
  • Proposal

    • We propose the Robo-Pick II
      Fully-Automatic PTP Sheet Dispensing Device.
      We offered product simulation and proposed to install additional four main units to reduce patient wait time via robot automation.

  • Client Feedback

    • We used to have 20 to 25 pharmacists, but Robo-Pick II allowed us to allocate 10 of them, and 4 members from other departments to the ward.
      The outpatient wait time was 40 minutes before the implementation, but has gone down to 20 minutes.
      The machine is really fast, and is superior and effective in terms of safety as well.

Please reference the user report below, which details facilities that utilize Yuyama products.

User Report